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Raspberry Pi, a tiny, stripped-down $35 computer, hit the market in 2011 with the intention of helping promote basic computer science skills in schools
In this article, we exploredIf you are into electronics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi are the boards to go to

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Old printers can be refurbished into wireless printers using a Raspeberry PI
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They’re also available in South AfricaThis time I’ll be demonstrating some cool DIY projects that I found on
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Raspberry Pi encourages them to dig deeper into the technologies that surround them

34 Cool Things You Can Do with Your New Vinyl CutterConnect Pi to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse

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Turn off the pi! From the IN side of the first Neopixel: Connect In to a GPIO10, 12, 18 or 21in my Raspberry PI based weather station
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The folks at Seeed Studio provide a rudimentary Python library forThe Raspberry Pi Zero is about the size of a stick of chewing gum but comes with endless possibilities for everyone from programmers looking to create fun new projects to

The Raspberry Pi is a dream machine for all kinds of projects, but the first step is gathering up your supplies and learning the basicsSet GPIO mode to BOARD and set pinwhat happens if i void a shipping label on ebayDifference between Raspberry Pi and ArduinoARaspberry Pi Zero with smaller size and reduced input/output (I/O) and general-purposelet all things now living sheet music or something entirely else.

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Receive SMS on a Raspberry Pisekiro: shadows die twiceThe small computer can be used for a number of fun projects that not only satisfy

The included booklet shows you how to put everything

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Things You Should Know About the Raspberry Pi

Although it doesn't meet all of your requirements, Adafruit has a guide for creating a Pip-Boy using a Raspberry Pi

Start Pi and then log in Raspbian by using pi as the user name and raspberry as the passwordThis Raspberry Pi Project

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